Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lush Christmas pud bath bomb

Christmas pud bath bomb although I think they call them bath ballistics. Smells really good and 

Makes amazing colours in the bath soon as you drop it in it fizzes and turns the water into a rainbow of colours. Once this has settled and all the colours have mixed it turns the bath water to a deep purple colour with a shimmer. 

Who knew that such a small ball could make so much colour. This is impressive. Top marks to Lush for effort. 

Have you ever tried this one? Or any of the other Christmas products? 



  1. I love this bath bomb, much prefer it to their previous Christmas pudding one that turned the water a strange brown colour haha

    ox Lucy

    1. That doesn't sound very pleasant. I have also bought the valentines day heart and I cannot wait to use that. I shall do my post soon on it.