Sunday, 15 February 2015

My small Essie Nail Polish collection

3 Essie nail polishes I picked up from Winners for $5.99 each, which is £3 with tax added.

Another Winner find! I have heard so much about Essie nail polishes but I have never bought one because they are so expensive in the UK (around £8.99) to me that is a lot of money to spend on 1 tub of nail polish. 

Let's begin with the coveted mint candy apple. I was really surprised to see this in Winners as I thought it was one of Essie's best sellers seen as it is all over the blogging world like a rash. 

I like the formula of them as it is easily applied to the nail and is smooth in consistency. The brushes are thick enough for 2 strokes and the nail is filled.

The next polish I picked up was double breasted jacket. I like  this colour as it is really deep so only 1 coat is needed. 

The last colour I picked up was jiggle hi jiggle low. I liked the look of this in the bottle, but it is not that great on. It's slightly see through and anymore than one coat applied it looks really messy.

 I picked up my good to go top coat from Phramaprix the other day for about $7.99 - which is £5. It was on special or as we know them in the UK on offer. 

Have you tried any Essie Nail Polish? What did you think if you did?



  1. Gorgeous colours! I love the mint candy shade!


  2. the mint candy apple looks gorgeous :D in that lighting, it looks like tiffany blue :)


    1. Thank you 😊 montreal lighting makes everything look good x