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What it says on the tin - top 10 blogs

As I explained, in my first ever post, my introduction to blogs and blogging back in 2005.  This is my list of my favourite blogs/bloggers. I check and read all of these blogs every day.
  1. Petite Anglaise - my first ever blog experience - I was hooked!
  2. Save Karyn - although this blogger has changed her blog to Pretty in the City I'm still in love with this blog, the journey and the adventure.
  3. A sprinkle of glitter - I happened to stumble upon this wonderful blog, whilst getting lost in the trance of YouTube. I cannot remember the real reason I was on YouTube, but I ended up watching one of Zoella's Primark haul vlogs. Another favourite blogger of mine. A sprinkle of glitter is a wonderful read, with insight into motherhood and being well written and chirpy.
  4. Blue rinse - this is my friends blog, but I love it all the same. Tips on knitting, vintage fashion and style. As well as make up reviews.
  5. Little Miss Average - I made friends with Megan over Twitter and I love her blog. It features mainly beauty posts but there are lifestyle posts thrown in too.
  6. Zoella - I love this blog, full of beauty tips, fashion and all round fun. Zoella like myself is a lover of the carboot sale and I cannot wait till the summer starts up again and I can get bargain hunting.
  7. Essie Button - I love this blog, but much prefer watching her YouTube videos, especially when they feature her boyfriend Aslan.
  8. I Covet Thee - I only recently discovered this blog and i have read every post from beginning to end. CRAZY I KNOW but it is really worth it. My favourite posts are outfit posts.
  9. Dolly Bow Bow - although this is another fashion and beauty blog, there are plenty out ther believe me, I like this blog because of the fashion and beauty reviews. It is well written and informative.
  10. Llymlrs - an interesting fashion blog, with lots of pictures, which is written well and has achieved many awards.
  11. A Thrifty Mrs - I like to see what this blogger has bought at boot sales and use her money saving ways.

    **I have used their headers to liven up this page, if any of the bloggers who are mentioned on this page who are not happy with me using their logo then please tell me and I will remove it.


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