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Blog post 1 welcome to my blog

Having ummed and arghed, for weeks maybe even months, about having a blog. I finally decided to create one. I guess you might call it a New Years resolution, but as we are nearly in February it may be classed as a Chinese New Year resolution. I started last year making New Years resolutions (get a new job - done! get promoted -done!) and had high hopes of creating some for this year, keep fit, do some exercise, eat healthy (I haven't had any fast food this year) - i bet these are on everyone's New Years resolution list and fizzle out by February - but I have yet to make any. Maybe I'll do that this weekend...but don't hold your breath because something usually comes up and I find myself the busiest I've been all week, when all I want to do is sit in my pyjamas all weekend and not leave the house.

With this blog I hope to document events that happen through out my day/life. I may even throw in some reviews for beauty products - moisturisers (because I love them), nail polishes (because I love these also) and shampoos/conditioners, this blog won't be limited to just beauty reviews. I may review other things like customer service or restaurants.

I am having trouble finding a suitable background for my blog. Do any of you know of any free blogger templates that are not boring and have some character? Something like colour lovers on twitter - lots of pretty backgrounds.

Anyway, I shall sign off my first post and begin thinking about what I shall write for my next post. Stay tuned.

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