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I think I may be a day late for this, but nonetheless I would still like to wish you a happy new year. It's the year of the snake apparently. I was born in the year of the tiger.

Since I last blogged I haven't really done that much other than crochet a few more granny squares for, what I intend to be, a large granny square blanket, with 3D flowers, that will cover me when I am on the sofa. I made my mum a large crochet blanket for Christmas but it's not as big as she would like so I am still adding to it. I really enjoyed making it and I got pretty quick at crochet.

During the time I have been crocheting granny squares I have entered into the world of YouTube and its cacophony of YouTubers and their videos. My favourite type of videos to watch is Primark hauls, car boot sale hauls, charity shop hauls and what's in my bag, as well as room tours. I am just generally nosey and like to see what people have bought, carry around with them and what their houses are like.

Having watched these videos I am really inspired to make some videos of my own. I am going to Primark this evening and if I buy anything. I most probably won't as I can't justify spending any money on clothes or shoes that I don't need. I usually buy something and then a few days later return it.

At college I discovered Primark (2003), someone in my photography A level class had a pretty purse. 

And of course I wanted it and asked where it was from. Having found it was from Primark I trooped up there after class and bought myself the purse. I didn't know what Primark was at the time and I paid my £2 and exited the shop. That was, at the time, when Primark carrier bags were like the one pictured below.

I only truly discovered Primark and its brilliance at university. Kingston used to be my all time favourite Primark. I used to live in the opposite direction to where Primark was and I would go there nearly three times a week. Primark used to have lots of really cheap, quality items and if you didn't buy it when you saw it you would never have the item. Unless you went to the one in central London.

Now Primark seem to have upped their prices and dropped their quality. I don't seem to be able to find anything I want in Primark anymore, maybe I am not looking hard enough or maybe I can't justify spending my money. However, having watched all the recent Primark haul videos I may have restored my faith in Primark and I may purchase something or somethings.

Ps I still have my purse from Primark and always take it on holiday with me.

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