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Quick stop in Chinatown and home for the weekend

I love Aloe Vera juice drink, sweet with little bits of Aloe Vera. Everyone should try it, once you have you'll want to try every flavour available. My favourite at the moment is mango, normal is tasty as well as passion fruit.

Chinatown is a hive for new tastes and experiences. At 5pm on a Thursday evening the main supermarket in London's Chinatown was packed, you could not move smoothly throughout without bumping into someone or having to go one way down the isles. Let alone stopping and looking at things - not a chance! You need to know what you want, where it is and calculate your route to the cash desk, without knowing any of these things you may become flustered and never want to go back again. But I love this experience and go to more than one supermarket.
On my shopping list -
Aloe Vera juice
Udon noodles
Udon noodles and curry sauce (this is sold in a joint packet you just add chicken, carrots and onions)
Chocolate biscuits - they are circles of biscuit filled with chocolate with a panda design on the front.

Although this is a very small shopping list I did discover lots of other things in there that I'd like to try but didn't know where to start. So I thought I'd come back with my boyfriend and plan what we should try and I will review it for you. I would have taken pictures of my items, but as I had finished the drink and the biscuits by the time I had reached my front door I only had my udon noodles to photograph which is hardly exciting

On a related note, I was walking through Chinatown last week and turned the corner to see a lady preparing hundreds of Chinese lanterns.

One had already blown down the road and others were scattered across the street, but she kept a hold of most of them and later on in the day they had been  hung from one end of Wardour Street to the other. A pretty sight if you ask me. Chinese New Year is very exciting. There is a parade held each year that ends in Chinatown.

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