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Trouble with sleeping

As I write this I should be asleep, but I am not. I find it hard to sleep if I am not the first one to fall asleep.

I really miss my parents. I chose to move to London and they don't live here. I miss spending end less days with the going to the supermarket or going for picnics in the summer. I love photography so I have a lot of pictures, but they aren't the same. This summer when I go back I intend to make some holiday videos. We travelled to New York when I was 19 and my dad took a holiday video and burned it to DVD years later the video camera blue screened and I threw it out. Not knowing that a tape was still in the camera. I don't know what was on the tape as it's gone now and I think the DVD was in the box too. I wish I had checked I regret not doing so now.

I intend to buy a 64GB memory card to film on, but I haven't figured out why my canon 550d only records for a minute. Something I shall look into tomorrow. If I can't figure it out I shall ask my boyfriends parents if I can borrow their camera. I know it has an SD slot.

An update on this is that I bought the 64gb memory card and it crashed on me, resulting in it having to go back to the shop or in my case the Internet. I then bought a 32gb card which seems to be working ok and I can record videos on my DSLR. However it did the same thing as the last card today, but I am able to write to it again. What is it with these cards and my camera. Also my boyfriends parents gave me their video camera, which is great but it doesn't record HD. So now I have my phone, DSLR and a video camera to record videos. I am on my way to making my YouTube Channel more interesting

I really want a YouTube channel and to upload my videos. I love watching sprinkle of glitter videos. I also love Primark haul videos and I am not so keen on make up videos. I am concerned that the people I work with will find them because I will never here the end of it.

On my way home last night I was buy listening to a couple opposite me on the train talk about an app called a second a day where you record a little video each day and then glue them altogether at the end of the month or year. I wonder what line will feature. Mostly home, work, home and work. I really like the idea of videos and capturing the moment. I used to think that about photos but they only tell half the story.

I remember being in college taking A level photography and purchasing my first film SLR. I did not want to borrow one from the college as there weren't enough to go round every student. Also I wanted a camera to call my own. When I bought it digital cameras were about 1 or 2 mega pixels so I invested in the film camera instead. I also thought to myself why would anyone want photos they cannot physically hold? Now I open my Picasa album and I have 50,000 plus photos in there. Documenting my holidays, days out and things. I love to look back at them and remember.

When I was a child my dad made videos of me playing in the park or running around the back garden. I love to watch these but I end up in tears every time of watching them as I am no longer that child running around at my parents house. They were recorded on a camera that you put a tape in and then to watch it you put that tape into a VHS and then the VHS into a player.

I really miss my parents. London makes me feel lonely at times as I have no friends here just acquaintances and colleagues. I miss my family but could never move back to my home town as it's not offering as much as London does and I love my job.

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  1. I have same situation, I live alone, don't have friends and family. I don't like making videos but I have DW hard drive of 1810G and all my childhood, growing up photos and videos in it and it does not work =( I really don't want to lose them and don't know what to do.

    1. that's really unfortunate I hope you get it fixed. xxx