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Cleaning and the oil burner

Today's activities have involved me cleaning my bathroom, breaking another slat in the sofa and turning on the washing machine. Once all that was over I have spent a large amount of time watching YouTube videos back to back, which has been quite good fun.

Whilst sat in my living room I decided to turn on my oil burner, not sure if you would say turn on but nevertheless you know what I mean. I bought 9 bottles of 10ml fragrance oil for my oil burner from eBay some smells are lovely and others make me feel queazy.

When they arrived I was slightly disappointed that some of the scents mentioned on the listing did not come in my package. The 6 on the left are the ones I was supposed to get the 3 on the right were the surprise ones I didn't expect or want as they STINK. However, I do like about 70% of them, but the one I lit today - Avocado was HORRIBLE! it smells like an old ladies house nothing like I imagined avocado to smell, but what is it supposed to smell like, as I think they are fragrant-less. I lit the burner to get rid of the bleach smell as it stinks and it just reminds me of toilets, but seemed to make the smell worse. 

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