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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I didn't see my mum today as she is back in Wales and I am in London, but I will see her a the end of the month. I sent her a card and called her, but that isn't the same as being with her. I miss my mum. 

Instead I went out and bought her some mother's day gifts in Victoria's Secret at Westfield Stratford City. I shall give them to her when I see her.

She really likes the body butters in Victoria Secret. We went on holiday and I bought the same deal 5 for $25 and asked if she wanted anything and she picked a body butter. When we got back she started to use it and then decided she liked it a lot. I got my friend to buy me some when she went on holiday to America and I stocked my mum back up again. Now that Victoria's Secret is over here I am able to buy them for her any time and I took advantage of the 5 for £25 offer on the sprays and butters. I got myself 2 sprays and I got her 3 body butters. They all smell delicious and yummy. Each one individually is £11, but bought as a set of 5 for £25 I saved myself £30. BARGAIN! 

They all smell amazing. I went there looking for half price gift boxes as I saw a YouTube video on Victoria's Secret and Primark Haul. In the video the presenter shows a gift box of 6 items, 3 body sprays and 3 moisturizers, was originally £26 and she bought it for £13. I knew when I was on my way there wouldn't be any left but I felt that if I didn't look I would miss out. She wrote about it on her blog on January 3rd and then posted her video on March 9th. So I worked out I had missed it, which is a shame.

I now know for next year to be prepared and to go to Victoria Secret just after Christmas in January. I also want a nail polish advent calendar from Ciate. Two things to look for next christmas.

After going to Victoria's Secret I went to Primark to return some items and to look for a triangle necklace, but I could not find it. I don't particularly like the Stratford Primark as it seems to be all over the place, unlike the Oxford Street Stores.

After this I went to Lush and this is the first time I have ever bought anything from there. I have always walked past and never ventured in because of the strong smell coming out that almost chokes me. However, this time I grinned and bared it and went in. I wanted to try the Sunnyside bubble bar. 

It cost me £3.65, which I thought was a little expensive for bubble bath but I wanted to give it a go so I splashed out (excuse the pun). It is covered in glitter and the glitter sticks to your hands and anywhere else it falls, like my coat which is now covered. 

I didn't know what else to choose, I wanted a bath bomb or a bar of soap, but as it was so expensive I only bought the one thing. I have been given Lush items in the past as gifts and I have never really loved them, but I hope the bubble bar changes this. I was told that I don't have to put the whole thing in, in one go and can brake bits off, which is good as it will last.

We ate at Sticky Rice in the food court. I had the sweet and sour chicken with rice and my boyfriend had chicken curry. His was so much better than mine, as the sweet and sour chicken is battered and I am not a fan. If I could I would have the sweet and sour chicken without the chicken and everything else. I also had guava juice with my meal and it is the first time I have had this. It is lovely and it has become my second favorite juice after mango, its so refreshing. 

On our shopping trip we popped into John Lewis to find some chinos, but I wandered off and found something more interesting than mens clothes. This Jelly bean crown and cushion made from 6,000 jelly beans. Everyone was attracted to this, but no one purchased any and this just made me want to eat Jelly Babies. 

Then having looked at John Lewis, we went to a shop that sold jewellery, make up and nail polish I don't remember the name of it but it had a large rabbit and lots of little rabbits all displayed on a large X. Part of the decor of the shop was this vase. I thought it was for sale and when I turned it over it had Zara home on the bottom, meaning it was purely decoration. So I trotted off to Zara home to find this vase. I found it and was shocked at how much this little vase was - £29.99! I have never seen such a small vase for such an expensive price. I could not justify spending that amount on a vase so I took a picture and left it where it was. 

Then to finish our day we went to Mr Pretzel and shared a cinamon and sugar pretzel only for £3 I recomend getting one, they are handmade by this team of people and service is quick. 

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