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Making my first Youtube video

I have spent today making my first YouTube video. It is a Primark haul. I love watching other people's hauls. However, everyone sits in front of the camera and holds up their items, but you can only see part of the item. For example, tops, dresses, trousers and jumpers. I want to see the whole item, which is why I have chosen to not appear in the video and provide voiceover. I have listed all the prices as I always want to know how much things have cost.

Making the video has taken me all day. I didn't think a 4 minute video would take nearly all day to make. I have realized it is not just filming. It is about how you piece the edit together, what you are going to say and how you want to organize the clips.

Here is the link to my first YouTube Video.

I will add the photos of the items I bought as I love pictures and I think they are great.


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