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Having not blogged for over a month now, I thought I would get back into the swing of things by writing about my carboot sale adventure I had today. Hopefully there will be more to follow this summer from across London.

I had initially intended to go to 2 carboots in one day, but as I spent at least 2 hours at the first one, walking around in circles, I left no time to go to the other. My intentions were to go to Capital Carboot in Pimlico - which was the one I went to and to go to Battersea Boot, but didn't make it. I intend to go there soon, as I believe it to be one of London's best boots but Capital Carboot isn't doing too bad. I have been there twice in the last 3 weeks. My first visit there I was slightly disappointed as there went many sellers and I didn't buy anything. I nearly bought a Zara bucket bag for £10, but decided I didn't need another handbag, why did I listen to my boyfriend? So I continued to walk around the boot and then decided I wanted the bag, but by that time it was too late and some other girl had purchased a really good bargain. Shucks I knew I should have bought it.

Anyway! This is the part everyone wants to see - the what I bought section. I did a quick lap to see what was out there and then did a further 2 or 3 laps investigating each stall. The carboot starts around 11:30am and you have to pay an entrance fee of £1 or if you are me you follow capital carboot on your Facebook and Twitter and get in for free! I turned up around 1:45pm, when I guess most of the good stuff had gone, but I still managed to find some goodies

My boyfriend came with me, but he doesn't understand why I enjoy carboot sales so much. He just tells me, which he did during the course of our time there, why do you like to look at and buy other people's junk. He really doesn't understand carboot sales. I think that is the hole point of them. Not knowing what you may find and how much it will be. It's not like going to Primark or any other high street store. He walked around with me for the first lap and saw the golf mouse...

The first item I bought was a £1 present for my boyfriends dad for Christmas. Each year they get each other actual presents and then in the evening of Christmas Day they share presents which they have bought for £1 or less. Each person gets everyone 1 gift, there is usually about 10 of us, but if you are my boyfriends mum she usually buys about 4 gifts each for everyone. It is a bit of fun and you don't know what you are going to get. I heave decided this year that I will not buy anything from a pound shop. This item was a steal at 50p. It had never been opened or used.

Once I had completed my first lap with my boyfriend he decided he had had enough and it was time for a cup of tea. Thank goodness they served tea and there was plenty of room to take a seat. He was happy with his 50p tea, compared to the price he had to pay at the ideal home show - £2.50

Out on my own I saw this box of bath bombs and thought it might be from Lush, but wasn't sure so I just asked about the price of it and the lady said £3, but with my fantastic negotiating power, I got the box for £2. The sellers reasoning for this was that it was nearly the end of the day and if no one else had bought it till now then no one would.

Soon as I got in I researched the packaging on the Internet and discovered it was from Lush, which is what i had initially thought. I went through their website to find out how much the products were worth. Turns out that it was nearly £11.50 give or take a few pence. One happy boot buyer. I shall use these over the course of the month, but they smell so nice I don't really want to use them.

Next item was another pound present purchase but for my boyfriends uncle. A small glass for a whopping 5p. I paid 10p and the seller said am I sure I don't want another glass, but I politely declined and asked for my change. This was my bargain of the day, as well as my Lush box.

Then I stumbled upon these 2 Soap and Glory products in the bottom of a box. They had never been used or opened. Another bargain for £1. I said I will give you £1 for both of these not really asking the price or negotiating properly I was just happy to find these un-used. There were quite a few beauty items that had been used that were for sale. I think the seller thought I was strange but I skipped off with my items.

The last item I bought was a spider plant for my boyfriend, to say thank you for coming and getting up early...ish. This was 50p originally £1 but again I slashed the price with my negotiating tack ticks and it was time to go home.

The full haul 

Here are some photographs of the day

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  1. Wow this is intense. You got some great steals. These carboots are basically like going to a vintage store, really looks busy. So many traders. Cannot believe you got lush products for so cheap. Weird!

    1. I loved that I found these, I don't think the woman who I bought them off knew their value. I loved using them I really miss the carboot sales.