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Winning a competition

So today I found out I had won a competition I had entered a few days previously, for Pop Up Vintage Fairs London. I am not too sure how I discovered this event, but I did and noticed they were running a competition on their Twitter and I entered. 

I saw the advert for the competition on their facebook 

I got home this evening to find that I had WON! Best feeling in the world. I have never won anything on a Twitter competition before, saying that I don't think I have ever entered a competition. It is great fun. I just need to tweet them when I arrive tomorrow and I get my vouchers. Pretty simple competition if you ask me. 

I have never been to a vintage fair before and was in two minds about going tomorrow, but now that I have won the vouchers I am going. Not too sure what to expect or what I will find, but I will take some photos and update you with what I have found/discovered. 

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