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30 Day snap

Now as a regular reader of Sprinkle of Glitter, which btw, I cannot get enough of. I love reading her blog. She writes so eloquently and to the point, I wish I had her writing style. I also love watching her main YouTube Channel and her Sprinkle of Chatter Channel.

Anyway, the point of mentioning Louise, that's Sprinkle of Glitter, is that for the month of June she has instigated 30 day snap, which in a nut shell is take 1 photo a day and upload it to your blog, twitter, facebook, instagram or other online area you like to upload to. Here is her original post if you don't understand what I am going on about.

With Louise's permission I have uploaded this image 

I will turn this small image into a button once the 30 day snap commences and I will add another page to my blog or just keep adding a new blog post for each photo. I haven't worked it out yet, but I wanted to get on the band wagon as it seemed like a good opportunity not to miss. Let the fun begin!!!

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