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£5 well spent

On Friday I was browsing through my Bloglovin feed, at the blogs I follow, and saw that Michelle from Beauty and the Blog was advertising - £5 advertising space on her blog for other blogs, no matter how big or small. So I have given it a whirl. Here is the advert I saw on her blog and now my blog is being advertised to the right, can you see? 

I thought this was a really cheap crazy deal and thought that I could buy myself lunch at work or take lunch with me and as you can see I went with the, take it with me option (now I better find something to put in my lunch box). I sent her an email and a cheeky Twitter. Then the next day she had responded, sent me a PayPal request and my advert was up by the end of the day. She moves fast.

I haven't really looked into paying for advertising space on other people's blogs, so this is an experiment. I'll let you know in a months time how I have got on. I am also researching into this.

What my £5 has got me - a daily advert on Michelle's blog for 4 weeks from Saturday 25th May. Not sure if this moves up and down the blog throughout the month. But hopefully this will increase traffic to my blog and I will gain more of an audience. Therefore encouraging me to blog more and leave the house every now and again for anything other than work purposes. 

I would like to thank Michelle for this crazy cheap deal.

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