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Battersea Carboot Sunday 28th April 2013

Finally made it to Battersea boot after two weeks of waiting. I had anticipated in going to Battersea boot 2 Sundays ago when I went to Capital Carboot, but I spent so much time there I was too late to go to Battersea, but this Sunday I made it.

On my way there I stopped off at Tescos to get myself some breakfast/lunch in the form of a meal deal. I ate this whilst in the queue. I arrived at 1pm and was practically at the front of the queue. Depending on what time you arrive, the price is dictated on the wall. I cannot remember the price times, but they can be found on the Battersea Boot website. I know that if you go in after 1:30pm you only pay 50p, which is what I did.

The size of the queue cannot be seen from this angle, but I was trying my best to take a snap and not loose my place. The queue stretched along the playground wall from one end to the other. Some people who were in the queue decided that they could not wait the 30 minutes and were prepared to pay the pricey sum of £3 to get in.

There were sellers still arriving at 1:15pm, which is why I think waiting till 1:30pm to get in and pay 50p is great as the suitcase and shopping trolley sellers haven't even got in yet. If you wait till after 1:30pm the queue will have died down and the sellers who have been their all morning start to reduce their prices as they want to go home. The only downside is the good items are on their way out whilst you are stood in the queue, but that's the call you have to make.

Once I had paid my 50p I completed a lap of the playground and then stood back to snap this.

There is a lot of variety and I think this stall had a vase for everyday of the week. Looking back at this image as I type this I regret not buying the pink vase as it's pretty cool.

There was also this lovely snack stall which sold items such as cakes to samosas.

This stall had lots of branded make up, some of which was brand new and others which had been slightly used. This stall slashed their prices towards the end and everything in this box was reduced to £5. Most of the items in here were Chanel, but there were some Mac items. In another box, which every item was £1, there was a barely used Mac Candy Yum Yum lipstick. I regret not buying that now as I found out how much it was worth, but I wasn't sure that the bright colour would suit my pail skin.

Lots of booters rummaging to find the best bargains on every stall.

There was an abundance of typewriters at Battersea Boot this sunday. I contemplated buying this, but held back as it didn't have english keys. I used to have a typewriter, but I sold it at a carboot sale in Wales for £5, when I was 17. I regret selling it now, as it belonged to my Grandad and I don't own anything that belonged to him. I wish I could get it back. All I remember is that the woman who bought it, bought it for her son who was disabled.

There was also lots of retro homeware at this boot. I am seeing a lot of retro items in shops and at boots, they seem to be in abundance at the moment.

I saw this set of balls at two different stalls and remember my friends having some similar as a child, but we never played them. I did contemplate buying them, but I thought they were a little pricey for £3.

Lots of shoes to choose from, but all very small sizes.

The best bit about bootsales is the dogs, there is always plenty of dogs with lots of character, which brighten up my day.

From retro kitchenware to ballet shoes. Battersea boot has a lot to offer.

More retro shoes for men with retro clothing. I managed to snap this before the view was blocked by booters.

Another stall with lots of Mac make up. Most of the Mac items in this basket had not been used and were brand new. Bootsales seem to be the place to go for cheap branded make up, if you don't mind things being half used.

The items I picked up at the boot. I seem to gravitate to Soap and Glory Products and Lush. I bought items from those brands at Captial Carboot. At the Soap and Glory stall I picked up these items for £1. Whilst paying for these products a woman inquired about the other Soap and Glory products and the man said £2.50 each. The Lush bath bomb - Jingle Bells, purple with sequin stars inside was 50p. The last item I picked up was this coin pot for 20p. I used to have one in bright yellow as a child from Chester Zoo, but I am not too sure where it went. I thought this would be good to go in the bottom of my bag as I do not carry a coin purse. 

That was it for my trip to Battersea boot. I was temped to buy items for the home, but as I don't own a home just yet I wanted to hold out till I do. 

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