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This was a separate page on my blog, but I have chosen for a cleaner look and have removed the page and placed the post here. 

I seem to have a love hate relationship with eBay. I enjoy selling things on there and buying, however, I do get disappointed when items arrive and they are not as I imagined. That is not saying that the description is incorrect or wrong, just that I guess I expected more. 
First purchase of the year was for a Topshop nautical dress. I nearly survived the whole of January without purchasing anything from eBay, but I cannot resist its charms. I paid £16.58 including postage for the dress. I think I got lost in the whirlwind of the bidding war and bid way more than I intended on bidding. Bidding on eBay should be done, when you are not annoyed with anyone, which could explain why I bid more. 

I intend to wear this, and have worn it, with a belt large cardigan, a long necklace and pixie boots. 
It is very short, I wore it to work last week and bending down to fix a computer was less than flattering. Maybe I should have asked the seller how long it was, but I assumed it would be longer than it is.  Later on that week, I went to Primark and saw a similar dress for £5. I can say I was slightly annoyed with myself, however, the material on the Primark one is quite figure hugging and quite see through. 

I then bought 9 bottles of fruit fragrance oil. They are small at 10ml, but I did not want to buy bigger bottles as I wasn't sure if I would like the smell. Total cost of these were £5.89. I shall review them when they arrive. 

The latest item I bought was last night, I bid on and bought a Primark Dress for £17.21. I have a habit of seeing things in Primark and not buying them and then, either a few weeks later or a few years, I will want it. Ebay is the only place I can find old Primark items or car boot sales. Although it is a little cold for them at the moment. Hopefully, when it arrives I will really love it. 

Update on the 12th February!

My fragrance oils should arrive tomorrow, I am quite excited by this. I really can't wait to test them out. I am starting to really not like the rose oil I bought. It has a pungent smell and it lingers. I guess that is what you want with a fragrance, but this makes me want to heave.

I also had an email today to say my dress had been dispatched! whoo it will be with me in a matter of days, I  hope. Then I will be ready for the summer, just need some sun now. 

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  1. You got some great things Lorilee! I found it funny about bidding when you're annoyed, I can imagine that gets out of hand very quickly ahah! I don't normally like to bid, but I'm inpired to now as you can find some great things!

    Megan x

  2. Thanks :) I always am disappointed when things arrive from eBay, not sure why maybe its the guilt of spending so much money on things I don't really need. But I still buy at least 1 item from there each month ooops


  3. The floral dress looks great on you! I'm always too worried to order stuff off of ebay but I know lots of people who have found amazing deals that way. Glad it worked out for you!


    1. I get caught up in the excitement of ordering from eBay and when things arrive I am disappointed in how much money I spent on them, which is silly really.