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Chirk and Marchwiel Carboot sale in Wales

Last weekend I left London and went to see my parents for a few days. They live in Wales. Every sunday there are carboots across the area. I went to 2 of them, Chirk and Marchwiel, with my dad.

When we arrived the field was packed and we had to park at the top of the field. 

At Chirk there is a mix of people selling their unwanted items, traders and household clearances. 

There was a range of items you could buy, vintage bike 

to vintage clothes.

Do you remember these beads and peg boards, you make a pattern on and then you iron it together.

There were plenty of laptops forsale with a photocopier. 

There were also some cool dogs walking around. 

This woman was selling branded purfumes and foundation for no less than £50. One woman who was looking was shocked at the price and wondered what the foundation did for that amount of money. I think she wanted magic.

This is the stall where I found my jug for 50p.
It was the first item I bought and didn't haggle for it. 

This man comes around with his clipboard collecting money from the sellers. 

I have seen quite a few of these cabbage plates at carboot sales recently. I am not sure if I like them, but they certainly have character. 

I also found these at the same stall.  I liked them but they were chipped and had wooden lids. So I left them where they were. 

You could also pick up garden furniture 

Also horse riding equipment 

More garden furniture 

You could also pick up a few Turkish sweets to nibble on when you walked around. 

This man was selling a till, so you can buy all sorts here.

Things for your garden. 

This stall was so big you could walk along and fill one of these baskets with fruit and veg. 

I saw these and thought of Estee from Essie Button as she has a mug collection from her travels, but these were just vintage mugs. 

Jams and preserves to purchase 

Household clearance

Garden furniture 

You could furnish your house at this carboot from the garden to the carpets 

I also saw this slim tape player on a stall and thought I haven't seen a tape player in years. 

AWWWW. I saw this puppy as well as a small dog in a dress that was being pushed around in it's own doggy pushchair. I didn't get a photo of this though.

More vintage items, radios 

I saw these two side tables as I was leaving and I thought they were beautiful, but one of them had a wonky leg so I left them there. 

After visiting Chirk we then went on to Marchwiel. This is a much smaller carboot in a different area. When I was young it used to be the only carboot sale in the area and lots of people came to it, but now Chirk has taken over and not many people go to Marchwiel. 

On the walk around someone had brought their goose with them and had it tied up to their tail gate.

The items that I picked up from the carboot sales - 
Jug - 50p
Bodum unused teapot - 20p

Brand new Primark Bag - 50p 

Barely used weights - £2

I had a wonderful time at the carboot sales, I wish the prices of the carboot sales were replicated in the carboot sales in London. 

**I am aware the pictures are of poor quality, I need to fix my iphone*

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