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Ethic and Style from Esty

Back in January I planned a birthday gift for my friend who lives in Japan, so I went on a hunt and discovered this cute little shop on Esty that sells handmade phone cases, Kindle cases, ipad cases and Macbook Pro cases. 

I placed my order and filled in my friend's address in Japan. Unfortunately the gift got lost in the post and my friend never received it. However, Svetlana - the shop owner - was aware that it had not reached my friend and she offered me a refund or to send me a free gift (for which I had already paid). I opted for the package to be sent to me so I can send it to my friend with a few other bits.

Anyway, I ordered my friend an iPhone 5 case and now this has arrived I am tempted to buy myself one for my phone or maybe my iPad. I haven't decided yet, but it is well made and the wool is really thick. The cute design adds character and stops your iPhone or gadget getting scratched. 

Isn't it just so cute.


You slide your iPhone in the monsters mouth and it is kept safe

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