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Fragrance Oil review

I recently bought some bubble bath and fragrance oil for my oil burner from Marks and Spencer. I purchased them on a whim, whilst my boyfriend was in the queue, from the queue barrier. The Marks and Spencer we went to has a normal Marks and Spencer on the ground floor and a Marks and Spencer  Outlet on the first floor, this was where I bought my items. 

1. Rose fragrance oil - £1.50

I used this as soon as I got in, as I have wanted some fragrance oil for my oil burner since christmas, but had failed to find a cheap one. Over £2 for 10ml is expensive. I have put Olbas oil in it a few times, but I am not sure if that is meant for the oil burner. However, it made the room smell nice. 

The fragrance from the rose oil is long lasting and the smell lingers for a few hours. However, if you are not a fan of rose or having your house smell like Turkish delight, maybe this is not the fragrance for you. 

I am not sure if I would purchase this again as I prefer fruit smells. 

Knowing that I prefer fruit smelling fragrances, I ordered 9 10ml bottles from eBay.

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