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Glossy Box Birthday

I am disappointed to find out that Glossy Box were handing out Glossy Boxes in Covent Garden last week on the 8th to celebrate Glossy Box 2nd birthday. Great for the people who were able to attend, but I am sad that I missed it. From what I read on other people's blogs they were handing out small Glossy Boxes and full size Glossy Boxes intermittently throughout the day. 

(Picture from London Beauty Queen)

I was walking to work and saw four teenage girls walking along with small Glossy Box carrier bags, which led me to think I was missing out on something and low and be hold I was. Soon as I arrived at work I was on google searching for where those little carrier bags came from, but as I was in work I was unable to leave to pick one up. I would have liked to have tested a Glossy Box as I have been umming and ahhhing about signing up to it. I know there are other boxes out there, but Glossy Box seems to be the favourite on YouTube. 

(Picture from Lilinha Angel's World)

I really wish I could have been there as it looks like an amazing day. 

Please let me know what you think of Glossy Box and is it worth me investing in getting a subscription. My only reservation is that I don't wear make up. I would love to wear it, but I don't know how or know what colours suit my face, so I end up looking like a clown if I ever apply anything. 

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