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I have found the Company High Street Edit

YES! I have found the Company High Street Edit again. I popped into W H Smith on my way home this evening and went in to pick up another magazine and saw this on the shelf and I abandoned the other magazine I intended to buy and ran to the till with the Company High Street Edit. I don't think the male cashier really  understood. 

Here is what is contained in the magazine, go go buy it. Why wouldn't you want to read about 10 hot watches, earrings, hats and sunglasses. These features are neat and handy to take a snap of for when you are out shopping next. 

The smell of the paper and it's thickness is exciting in itself as it doesn't smell like ordinary magazines and the pages are matt and not gloss, something which I really like. Well worth spending the £4.50 to see the latest trends and how to style them. Sorry to the other magazine I intended to buy but didn't.

 Now it can accompany the other 2 issues I have managed to pick up since discovering it in 2011, through a colleagues recommendation. 

 Look how beautiful it looks, although I didn't notice when I bought it, it has a small tear by the win logo and it travels through the magazine to about half way through. I like new magazines to be crisp, but I guess it adds character to it.

My favourite article of the magazine so far. Only have a 20 minute train journey so I haven't read the whole magazine, but what I have seen/read so far I am excited to read the rest. 

If you can't see this feature writer's boyfriend got to pick her outfits for a few days. I quite liked the idea of this article and might ask my boyfriend to style me for a few days and see what happens.  

I advise you go out and buy this magazine as it only comes out for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. I have yet to find both editions, but maybe this year I will find the Autumn/Winter edition. I love summer fashion so I am keen to discover what will be on the highstreet this year. One thing I am a little disappointed with is that there is hardly, if any, mention of Primark in this. 

I would love to feature in this magazine as all the people they find on the street, for street style, look so cool. With my OOTD I intend to dress more stylish and with accessories.

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