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My favourite Hand Creams, Body Butters, Moisturisers and Face Creams.

I have decided to make a post all about moisturisers seen as they are my favourite beauty product to use as the London water dries my skin out a fair bit. So finding the best moisturiser is key. 
I also get dry hands as well so I will include hand creams in this post as it could be useful to you guys. 

My parents came to visit me in London from Wales, sometime last year and my mum had chapped hands and paid £10 for this citrus hand softner from Neal's Yard.

The top of the pot the hand softner is in. I am not sure why it calls itself a hand softner rather than a hand cream, but nonetheless it is impressive. 

 This is the first Neal's Yard product I have used and I am quite impressed. It is sweet smelling, light and fluffy, fast absorbing and not greasy/oily. 

The next item I have is Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, my mum read an article - in The Daily Telegraph - I think, about how wonderful this body butter is. She asked me when I was at University in Kingston to pop into the Waitrose, but I could not see it there. I guess more than just my mum had read the review in the Daily Telegraph and there was an influx of individuals going to Waitrose to pick this great bargain up. 

I thought I took a picture inside the tub, but unfortunately I did not. It smells delightful, I would compare the smell to a sweet smelling dessert and it feels great on the skin, with fast absorption.

 Now onto the mother of all hand creams. Burt's Bees. I received this from my Dad for christmas in 2011. It smells delicious. Until christmas 2011 I had never heard of Burt's Bees. That christmas my dad and my boyfriend's mum bought me Burt's Bees products, which was great! 

You apply this hand cream after washing your hands. You only need a small amount as it is quite greasy and it goes a long way. It takes a few minutes to absorb, so be prepared to wait for it to absorb. It smells like bananas in the pot, but when you apply and rub into your hands you can smell the wax as well. 

Amor Amor Cacharel - another favourite of mine, it calls itself sensual body lotion. It smells a lot like the perfume, I bought it with. It is strong smelling of sweet fruit. On the Cacharel website it is described as having smells as mandarin, melati jasmine, sandalwood and musk. I would like to think of this as my signature sent. I purchased my perfume in a set with shower gel and the sensual body lotion in a small bag in the airport duty free section. I cannot remember how much I paid, but I bought it just before we left Manchester Airport for New York. The smell reminds me of New York and I like to smell the sensual body lotion now and again as it reminds me of holidays. I really want to purchase this again so I am doing some research to find the cheapest place to buy it before they don't make it anymore.

Body Butter -

I purchased this one from Primark sometime last year. It is sweet smelling of mango, absorbs quickly into the skin although a little thin when you apply it and it is also a little sticky once applied.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden - body soufflé, I received this from my friend as a gift and I can't really tell what the difference is between a soufflé and a body butter is, do you guys out there know? Once you apply it makes your skin feel cool and absorbs quickly. Can you see a theme appearing? I like moisturisers, body butter's, hand creams and face creams to be fast absorbing, as I hate having to wait for creams to absorb.

Body Shop - Japanese Cherry Blossom. This one is much firmer and not as runny as the Primark body butter. It has a faint smell but the smell lingers and cools your skin once applied. Good smoothing body butter for sun burn, which is the reason why I bought this.

Body Cream - Boots Natural Collection - This is a very old product, which I only use every now and again, but when I do I really like using it. The cream is separated into strawberrys and cream and you mix the two together when you apply it. It is a little sticky when you apply, but I think that is down to the age of it. It does have a thicker texture and it has to be rubbed in quite a bit, but it has a strong smell which sticks around for quite a bit.

Victoria Secret - deep softening body butter, is how it is described on the tub. Pure Daydream is the one I chose, I bought 3 of them and 2 sprays as they have a deal for 5 for £25. In America it is 5 for $25. I think the Americans have a better deal than we do. Victoria Secret only has 2 stores in the UK one on Bond Street and the other in Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre. The Stratford branch is the only one that has the 5 for £25 deal, which I only found out to my annoyance when I arrived at the Bond Street branch hoping to use this offer. Anyway, back to the body butter, my mum says this is one of the best body butters she has used as it has a different texture to the ones purchased in the UK. I bought her some with the 5 for $25 when we were in America. It smells fruity and fresh, and looks like half set angel delight. When you get it from the tub it is quite firm and you have to scoop it out to apply, but once you start applying it it absorbs into your skin leaving it fresh and cool. I understand about what my mum means about the texture it certainly isn't like anything I have used before.

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