In London

My London

Having wandered around London for a few days I thought I would share some things I have seen, as I think it would be a shame not to show you London's beauties.

I would like to take more pictures of interesting items, but as I spend most of my time either in work or at home I don't really get to take many interesting pictures. However, I have seen a few things which I will share below:  

Firstly I saw this fascinating street performer who had a tuba the same as Harold Bishop (Neighbours fans will know what I mean) that breathed fire as he played along to the old music coming from the record player he was sat on.  Capturing a photo on my phone with the flames emerging from was not an easy task. Luckily I arrived as the song ended and he held the note a little longer than the rest of their performance and the flames can be seen. I had a problem with my phone today as the pictures came out pixelated/blurry when I upload them to my blog. I really hope that this picture of the street performer comes out.  I saw him near Tottenham Court Road. I am all for street performers as some acts can be interesting and well worth the spare change in your pocket. I hope to find some more street performers but the best are the ones you find when you are not looking. 

I find the individuals who paint themselves either gold, white or silver to be good, but as there are quite a lot of them dotted around London seeing them can get a little boring and disappointing sometimes as some costumes/make up are not all that good. 

This is one reason why I dislike the tube, look how many people are down there and this isn't even on the platform. 

On my walks around where I live I came across this lovely house with wisteria all over it. It looks beautiful, but I wasn't close enough to smell it. 

Also in the garden of this house was these beautiful flowers

As well as this bush 

Then on another outing I saw this little fella, so friendly I wanted to scoop it up and put it in my handbag and take it home. 

Outside Charing Cross, depending when I work I either see tourists stepping in the phone box to have a picture or tramps using it as a toilet. 

One rainy Trafalgar Square. 

I was lucky enough to see the artist pain this. I wonder how long it will be before someone grafittis on it. 

One day I dream of living in a house on a road like this. Not sure what style/decade these houses are but I love the design 

Especially the bay windows, it adds more character 

Tube zooming off to the next stop

This was shot on the day of Margaret Thatchers funeral, there were police in old style uniforms every 10 steps or so 

One rainy shard 

This for now is my London but I hope to improve the pictures as my phone seems to have busted on me annoyingly. 

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