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My Nail Polish Collection

Photographing my nail polishes I have noticed that my brother has bought me more than half of them. I like the ones he's chosen. He has good'll see what I mean below.

Barry M. I discovered Barry M in 2007 at the Clothes Show Live Birmingham. I didn't know what it was but it was the busiest stand in the building. I picked up 2 green shades of eye shadow and that was it. I used to wear them all the time and then decided I looked like a clown and I stopped wearing them. Anyway, my nail polish collection. Barry M I like these polishes as they are opaque and they have a large range of colours. However, they only seem to last a day or 2 for me. Maybe its the job that I do, but I just wish they lasted longer.

I don't own any of the nail wheels to do swatches of them like other bloggers, but I may purchase some. However, I don't really understand what they are for other than seeing what the nail polish looks like, without putting it on your own nails.

My Barry M collection - can you see a theme? 

I have worn the Gelly Hi Shine today and it has chipped already. I put it on at 4pm and its chipped already by 11pm. I have purchased all of the Barry M myself.

But my brother for the past two Christmas's has bought me Fearne Cottons nail polish range. They like Barry M are opaque. You only need one coat, but like the Barry M it chips. I have invested in a Barry M top coat and intend to apply this to my nails from now on and I'll up date you on whether they chip. My favourite colour from this range is the dark green, although I like them all. 

Then this Christmas he got me these ones, they come in a display box and it did tell you all the colours names on it, but I don't have the box any more, but nonetheless these colours are just as good as the ones I received the year before. Although half of them are glittery. They also changed the shape of the bottles. My favourite from this collection is the pink one. 

My Rimmel collection, which is mostly pinks and reds. My favourite is the glittery pink second from the left. I got this in a goodie bag from the clothes show one year.  The Rimmel tends to chip after the first day of wearing it as well.

My boyfriends mum gave me the Maybeline ones, which are really pretty colours. She also gave me the Collection 2000 maroon coloured one as well which is a deep red, but also chips after a days wear. I bought the other two Collection 2000 nail polishes from Poundland in a pack of 3 of each colour. I was slightly disappointed with these as they do not come out the same colour as in the bottle. They are lighter and you need to apply at least two maybe three coats to get an opaque colour. 

My brother got me these ones as well, I think for my birthday, from Boots. I don't know what brand as they don't have anything on them. They are deep colours and only one coat needs to be applied. The glitter comes out just as good as Barry M red glitter one (see the first photo)

Another set my brother got me, which are great as they can be popped into a purse or glasses case when you go away. I think he also got these from boots. I think two coats is advised with these, but they are great colours. 

Where I keep all of my nail polishes and creams. I got this cupboard from the QVC outlet store for £10. The designer of these cupboards is Lori Greiner. I bought them because the sign said Lori. There is a mirror on the door of each side. It spins around and there is different compartments on the other side. 

I also have another of these little cupboards and a full size mirror where I hold all my jewellery, which my parents bought me for £40 I think. 

Great gift for anyone who likes to be organised like myself. 

I also found this little make up storage item, by Lori. This also spins around like my cabinet.

My friends collection. I think she has every possible nail polish colour going 

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  1. Loving all these different colors! Makes me want to buy a larger variety for my nail polish collection!

    1. I used to have lots of nail polishes and then threw them all out one day, not sure why. Now I am slowly building my collection back up.


  2. Love your storage of nail varnishes, I never know what to do with mine!

    1. Thanks :) I meant to put the link to where to buy my cupboard from, I have done it now, in the post. I used to have a draw in a desk, but I like the display cabinet now. My friend has a shelf. I'll see if I can find a picture of it as she has a mental amount of nail polishes.


  3. Hey, great post love :)

    Please check out my blog?

    1. Thanks :) I have hopped over to your blog and it's great :) I have you on my bloglovin.