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Nail Board Arrival

 A few weeks ago I wrote on my Twitter about how my nail board had arrived in the post. This was a very exciting day as I had ordered it back in April and had to wait a good month before it arrived as it came from abroad. The only thing I hate about internet shopping is the long wait before the item arrives.

This is the shop I bought it from on Amazon 

I bought this plate after going to the Ideal Home show and saw something similar, just with different designs and was £60. I thought £60 was a tad expensive and I searched google, whilst still at the Ideal Home show. I thought things were mean to be cheap at the Ideal Home Show, but it turns out they are not. 

It came wrapped in bubble wrap and the plate hat this blue film over it. 

However, once the blue film was removed the plate was a little scratched and I thought the point of the film was prevent this. 

I went with this board as it had the alphabet on it and other lovely designs. 

For those of you who don't know how a nail board works - 
you choose your design
put your chosen nail polish on the design
scrape off the access nail polish 
stamp the plate 
then stamp your nail 

I have used this once since I bought it and have yet to sucessfully stamp the designs on my nails. I think this is because I wasn't doing it on a flat surface or that I wasn't quick enough getting the stamp to my nail in time. It takes a bit of practise, but it is worth it as you end up with some pretty cool designs on your nails.

This plate cost me £15.99 a snip of the price of the original one I saw for £60. 

This would be a perfect birthday or christmas present for anyone who loves nail polishes and nail art. 

I will be making a video on how to do this soon.

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