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Primark shopping trip

At lunch I popped down to Primark with a colleague. It was a nice change to go shopping with someone else that isn't my boyfriend. My friend picked up 3 tops - one was reduced to £2, so she was pleased. She also got some 3/4 length jeans. Then to what I picked up -

These lovely shoes - £10

Soon as I saw these shoes, I knew they belonged in my basket so in they went. 

and I am not too sure what these trousers are called, but I love them. They have an elastic waist as well as a draw string. 

Then around the ankles there is a small zip. These were £9.

As I only had 40 minutes to run around Primark, this was not enough time to see everything, I had to miss out some parts like the jewellery and bag department. This was hard as it is one of my favourite departments to look around in Primark. When ever I go to Primark I like to spend a good hour filling my basket with everything I like and then spend the next hour deciding whether I need it or not. I think I need another trip there, but lunch time is not long enough to see all 3 floors of the women's department  so I think it will have to be either an after work activity or a weekend jobby. 

What buys have you got from Primark recently?

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