Tuesdays OOTD

So my aim is to blog every day for the month of June. I have sat for a while trying to think of a witty title or tag line to call it something cool, but nothing has come to mind and it escapes me. What wanted to say was these little OOTD posts are my test for trying to blog everyday. So far I have failed, but every other day is good enough right? 

I have also just discovered the labels section so I will be adding those to my posts from now on. 

Anyway, lets get on with what you came to see...TUESDAYS OOTD!

Top - French Connection
Scarf - Dorothy Perkins 
Jeans - Primark 
Boots - Primark 
(I did wear my Zara coat, but it got soaked in the rain. We love British weather)

I am slightly disappointed with this photo, as with all the photos I took yesterday, as it is not really in focus. I am starting to think I need glasses as to me this was in focus on the camera yesterday. This was the best photo from the 50 I took, so please bare with me as I figure out the lighting, location and now the focus. 

On a related note to the clothes, the jeans I am wearing from Primark were a wonderful fit when I bought them only 2 months ago, but now the knees have gone slightly baggy and they are loose fitting. I thought I would buy these super soft skinny jeans for £11 as apposed to the jeggings for £7 as I thought they would hold their shape. I was wrong and won't be buying anymore of these. 

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