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Turn that frown around

So from my earlier disappointment of the blogger template, that I was using, not working. I have spent the evening searching for another blogger template I could use. Last time I was on the free blogger templates page I examined every possible design and only found one I liked, which was my memories. But I guess this template breaking was a blessing in disguise as I have now found an even better, stylish, more grown up background for my blog. I did find that most of the templates on Btemplates were either dated or childish, hardly the stylish look I was after.

Anyway, the site I used to get my beautiful bunting from was Shabby Blogs. I wholeheartedly recommend giving this site a whirl. I only have the background from them not a full template like the previous one, however, my template is from blogger under the template tab.

I am totally in love with this new look I have created for myself and hopefully over the next few weeks I will design myself a new title for the top of the page as it looks a little boring at the moment. Little steps people, little steps. Although I feel like I have achieved quite a bit today, with the design and adding in buttons on the side bar.

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