In London

Up, up, up and away!

A few weeks back, I still haven't got the hang of blogging on the day or the day after, so please bare with me. So my friend came to London for a dental conference, she's a dentist, and I met up with her. 

On Friday night we went for pizza at this lovely restaurant in Soho, they had a clay oven and offered samples of pizza whilst you waited in the queue. Like that wasn't enough to tell me this was the right place to eat, they also gave you drinks as well.

Once we were seated, which was right behind the clay oven. It was pretty hot sitting there, but you weren't in the way of the through traffic to other tables. We ordered and our pizza came. Instead of having one pizza each they combined our pizzas in one, serving it on a raised platform.

After our meal we said bye to each other and made our way home. On Saturday I met with her again and this time we went on the Emirates Airline across the Thames. I had my Oyster, being a Londoner I need one and Fiona had an £8 day travel card for zones 1 - 4. Now I can't work out if I should have brought Fiona another Oyster or she was a ok with her travel card. The Emirates Airline charged her the reduced fee for having the travel card, but she still had to pay £3.60 or something like that each way. They gave her tickets, whereas I just had to touch in with my Oyster. I have come to the conclusion that you should use an oyster on this. 

Once we were in through the gates, we climbed the short flight of stairs to a very small queue. I thought the queue for this would be ginormous, but it wasn't two carriages past. One fitted a large family in and the other had a couple in it. Then we were in! The carriage moved slowly to allow you to board the cable car, but once the doors closed, the car took off at a speed of 8mph. I guess telling Fiona on our decent up that I am not too good with heights wasn't the best idea. We shared our carriage with 6 other strangers and one woman said, and this wasn't very helpful, "imagine if this dropped now" 

Now we were moving across the Thames we could see for miles. As the Emirates Airline is close to the O2 and Canary Wharf you could see these pretty clearly. The O2 has up at the O2, where you dress in blue overalls and begin a climb over the roof of the O2. 

Once we got off on the other side we had a look around the O2, but there wasn't much to see 

So we went back. I thought this would be good, but having been on the cable cars, they are much higher up and you can see more. 

On the way back the people we shared our carriage with had been to Tescos and purchased their lunch. What a great idea! The journey takes about 8 to 10 minutes to complete and there are carriages every 3 to 4 minutes. What a lovely way to each lunch and view London from up high. 

My picture taken by Fiona  on the ride. 

One thing I did think was missing was a commentary saying where to look or at least a map with this information. There is a woman at the beginning and the end of the journey who says welcome and then thanks you for flying with them. 

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  1. wow, those first pictures, yum!

    xoxo from nyc &

    1. It was really good fun up there and the food was super yummy.