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What's in my handbag - competition

I was flicking through my daily Bloglovin email and saw this post, what's in my handbag, by Marmalade. Where she blogs about what is in her handbag and the reason why she did it, a competition of course! and for the rest of us nosey people to have a look what's in her bag. 

So lets get started folks and have a look what I lug around each day. This may highlight why I have a bad back.

My lovely Fiorelli bag I picked up in a Dorothy Perkins closing down sale for £10 - was originally £80 - This bag is big enough to fit the kitchen sink in. It has an across the body strap but I always carry it on my shoulder. 

My beauty products I use on a daily basis, I apply these on the train to work, as you can see not all of this fits into my little make up bag so the rest just rolls around in the bag. I usually have to rummage to find things I want, but that's the fun of having a big bag right?

Looking at all of this and adding up how much it costs it must come to around £60, which is quite shocking for a few moisturisers, lip balms and spray.

A closer look at what I carry around. I get really dry hands and face so it's a must to carry around moisturiser. Also I like to smell nice and always have painted nails. Red and pink are my favourite nail colours, but sometimes I dabble in greens and blues.

What actually goes into my make up bag - forget the wipes going in there, but the rest fits. Compeed blister plasters - these are always needed in the summer as my feet have been buried in winter boots for months and rebel against sandals. I like a range of lip products as I like to alternate between them. My No7 items are my consealer and powder as sometimes I have a breakout and these are my quick fix at cover up. Mints and Soothers for those little emergencies when you don't feel that great and lastly, hygine hand gel is a must when you live in London. I received my make up bag as a gift from my boyfriend's late aunt. 

My gadgets I cannot live without, my iPad, headphones, iPhone 3, and iPhone 4. I have 2 iPhones as 1 is a camera an the other a phone. I carry a USB with me everywhere as working as an Edit Assistant in Post Production you need one. I also carry a spare shopping bag with me as I usually pop to the supermarket on the way home from work. Sunglasses are a must, but today they will not be leaving the house. My coin purse just incase I forget my lunch and need to pop out to get something. Tissues because you always need one when you don't have any. My red oyster holder, which I have had since I came to London in 2005 and finally, ketchup sachets, I love ketchup and carry these for emergencies. These items alone cost nearly £600

Hope you enjoyed having a nosey at what I carry around in my bag on a daily basis, which is mostly half of Boots and the Apple Store. It is strange to think about how much the cost of the contents of my bag and my handbag are worth, when these are just items I use every day. 

**Sorry about the light in the pictures. It is a very dull day in the UK and I can't go outside as it's raining.  

Full details of the competition on Money Supermarket can be found here. First prize is a Mulberry handbag and 6 runners up get £25 Asos vouchers from Fashion Perks. Closing date is the 1st July, so only a few days left folks. 

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  1. love your sunnies! :*

    1. Thanks, they were from H & M last year for £7.99. I had a pair similar from C & A but sadly they broke. :)