In London

12th day of 30 day snap

At 7:45am this morning I was walking through Leicester Square to work. I found that my usual route was closed, that's cut through the park, because a film premier was being set up. As I walked past the tourists queuing for their cheap musical theatre tickets. I was greeted by a long line of people queuing for the film premier happening later on in the day. When I say later on in the day I mean it starts around 5pm and goes on for about 3 hours. I happened to see the Sex in the City premier on my way home from work, a few years ago. I worked out that I was the Superman premier because most of the people in the line had Superman T-shirts on. 

Don't these people have jobs? Or have they taken the day off to spend it in Leicester Square to wait around. 

There was one bloke with a red rug around his neck like a cape, maybe he was seeing how good he looked or that he could do Superman things. Whatever those things maybe. 

Go have a look at Louise and see what she has been up to today, 

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