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A Beautiful Mess

A few weeks back I discovered the app A Beautiful Mess. I regularly check Instagram throughout my day and upload a few pictures whilst I am there. I noticed that some of the people I follow had fancy designs on their images and phrases. I had also noticed this on images on people had uploaded to their blog. I took the plunge and asked an Instagramer - that I follow, I cannot remember which one, -where they got the design from and this is when I discovered A Beauitful Mess. It cost me 69p from the iTunes Store, but it was worth it as it enhances your pictures and gives it a cool look. 

When you first open the app you can choose to upload your own picture or use a background on the app, which ever one you choose you can add your own designs to it. 

I thought I would write a blog post on A Beautiful Mess as they provided an update today that came with 30 more free designs which included new fonts, new doodles and phrases. When I updated my app I was pleased to see the upgrade and immediately started playing with it. I am really impressed with this app with the cool designs and phrases. They only downside about this app is that it only has 6 filters, I just wish they had more. 

Anyway, let me explain the app - you choose your image, add a filter if you want, a design, phrase or some text. 

Then once you have finished playing around you are left with a lovely image with a cool new design

Once you have finished the app asks if you want to start again, share or read their blog. It is very cool and I recommend purchasing this app. 

I am interested to find out which app I can purchase, providing it is not too expensive, to get the cool filters or the camera glare that makes spots or hearts on the picture. As seen in fleurdeforce Instagram below. Can any of you out there recommend any?

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  1. That's a fantastic app! Wish I could get it on my phone! And if you find out what app adds those lovely effects, you should do a follow up post on it! I know that I'd like to know about that app, too! x

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

    1. Maybe I should do a post about other photo editing apps as I have found another one xxx