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A bit of a let down

Today I had planned to go for a bike ride on my beautiful bike. A few years ago I picked this up off freecycle when I moved to London. Freecycle is a free service that encourages people to post offer and wanted posts on items they do not want to go to land fill if someone else wants them. You just have to arrange collection and no money is allowed to exchange hands. Freecycle is not limited to the UK it is across the globe. Just search for your local group on their website. Freecycle is a great way of recycling unloved items and saves you money along the way. Who knows what you might find.

It has block brakes and a dynamo light on the front and back of the bike. You don't have to peddle very fast to get the lights to turn on, but the downside is that it is on in the day as well. It works on kinetic energy, clever no?

I was disappointed not to be going out on my bike as bike rides are jolly good fun and you get to see a lot more when cycling around. 

When I got my bike it came with an original Raleigh bell, which just makes it that little bit cooler. I love the bottle green colour of it and basically I love the bike. 

Have you ever got anything from Freecycle? If so what did you get? I had this lovely bike, a tv, knitting needles and a clothing rail. 

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