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A Day out in Regents Park

As it is the weekend I don't usually surface from my slumber till about 11:30am, only on a rare occasion when I am feeling in the carboot sale mood will I wake before then. Today was a relaxing day with no rush, so we didn't leave the house till 3pm. 

Once eventually leaving the house and walking to the train station we were met with a rail replacement service. This is every Londoners worst nightmare as rail replacement services are never on time, cramped and take forever. 

But thankfully we only had to be taken one stop down the line on the rail replacement and hopped on the underground to Baker Street. 

Once we figured out how to get to Regents Park from Baker Street we looked at the Regents Park map and began wandering around. 

The first thing we saw as we walked through the gate was the boating lake which was packed with ducks, herons and other birds.

The boating lake surrounded by pigeons, ducks, geese, swans and herons. 

Whilst looking around the park every turn you would see wildlife. 

I stood around taking lots of snaps of the birds and it was interesting to watch. 

After spending a good hour by the lake, we wandered around a bit more and saw lots of people having picnics. There were one group of teenagers playing Frisbee and it hit one of them straight in the head. This was hilarious to watch as his friends were shouting him to watch out. 

They have some expensive deck chairs in Regents Park. Take a blanket if you want to save your pennies. 

There were plenty of lovely smelling flowers. 

The expensive deck chairs blowing in the wind. 

Lots of people were looking at the water fountain at the end of the path. It was mesmerising. 

I have been told that these are Lupin and they looked beautiful with their deep colours.

More Lupins, Thanks Nicola :) - 

Bee pollinating around the park. 

I particularly liked this shot as the seagulls seemed to be lining up for something. 

The boating lake that you can hire these boats out on. 

The prices of renting these boats 

Moor hens all lined up ready to take a dip. 

As London is full of pigeons I thought I would share this shot of them enjoying the lake.

There is a lot going on in Regents Park from football to cricket as well as a dance troop rehearsing. 

I saw this lovely greyhound waiting by the gate and had to go over and stroke it. It's fur was so soft. Regents Park is full of people walking their dogs and enjoying the Park. Definitely a place for dog lovers. 

Hope you enjoyed my trip around Regents Park, I certainly did. It was a lovely day out and didn't cost me anything to look around. The only thing I paid for was my oyster fair to get there. 

Regents Park is a wonderful place to take the family, friends or go running around. There is all sorts going on and lots to photograph. A recommended day out. 

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