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A walk along the South Bank with a few pictures

As I mentioned yesterday in my 30 day snap I went for a walk along the South Bank after work. I was surprised to see the sheer amount of people there. I thought as soon as people finish work they hopped on the train and went straight home. Seen as it was only Tuesday, the sun definitely brings people out. 

Here are some of the pictures I took whilst wandering around.

I took a walk through Trafalgar Square 

Taking a few snaps of the water fountains. I think they look beautiful with the sun on it

More water shots 

I was attempting a blurry background, don't think I have quite got it just yet 

This man was manipulating soft metal poles into picture holders with your chosen name 

No one was on this ride or was queing for it, which made me pleased as I was able to take a few snaps without anyone on it. 

All along the South Bank are these pieces of material with different little phrases

There was an open greenhouse full of fresh herbs. It smelt lovely in there. I really wanted to take the sage home with me. 

The neighbourhood festival which is where all these photos belong 

These are more greenhouses and plant boxes along the river, where you can sit and enjoy the sun

The amount of people here at 6pm was quite shocking 

Last snap at Waterloo Station in the bike rack. I didn't know they had this. It reminded me of Amsterdam

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