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Day 25 of 30 day snap

We are now in our last week of this and I'll be sad to see it go. It has been a fun feature and my blog has had a new picture added to it everyday. It has not been a challenge to participate in the 30 day snap as something is always going on in London and my life for there not to warrant a snap everyday. I didn't take this snap till I left work and walked past Trafalgar Square. There was a film crew and I thought why not have this as my 30 day snap photo as I hadn't really done much today. The film crew were there filming for a documentary on space. Maybe we will see it on our TV screens soon. Whilst snapping away on my phone the security around the area where they were filming were insisting flashes were not used whilst taking pictures.  No one used a flash whilst I was there for all of 20 seconds, I'm not too sure what would happen to the people who did use their flash, I wasn't prepared to find out what would happen either.  

What have you done today?

Go see what Louise has been up too by clicking the image below. 

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