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Discovering Bloglovin

A few months back I discovered Bloglovin on my friends blog, but I didn't invest in it until about 3 weeks ago and it is great!

Follow on Bloglovin

I am absolutely in love. I have signed up to all my favourite bloggers and read all their new blog posts on the train on the way to and from work. Although I read the posts within the Bloglovin feed and you don't see each individuals blog design, it is clean and clear to read. You also get to like the posts and mark them as read - once you have read them. 

Go have a look at Bloglovin and see which new blogs you can find as well as following your favourite. Also whilst you are there please don't forget to follow my blog at Bloglovin

Bloglovin also shows the popular posts on their home page, so if you miss a great blogger you can bump into them on there. 

Who do you follow on Bloglovin and who should I follow? 

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