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Exploring TK Maxx and eating out

Today I went out with my boyfriend to find him some new shoes. Our first and only stop was TK Maxx as he found 2 pairs of shoes and he was happy. Whilst he was marching up and down the shoe isle's I had a wander around myself. I am not a huge fan of TK Maxx as it is so cluttered and expensive jumble sale. I like carboot and jumble sales don't get me wrong, but TK Maxx gives me a headache. Anyway, I took some snaps of the things I found. 

For those Ted Baker lovers, jelly shoes for £24.99 RRP £55.00
They are also available in red, pink and black.

Then after wandering around I saw these lovely picnic baskets in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. The price also varied from £19 - £40. I didn't note down what make they were, but this one was my favourite. Although it only had 2 small saucers to eat from - £24.99 

The outside of the basket. One disappointment was that some of the picnic baskets were broken or had parts that were missing. 

Another design inside, this one was slightly cheaper at £19.99. I didn't purchase one of these picnic baskets as I remembered my parents used to have one and I wondered if they still had it. As it had 4 full size plates, cups, bowls and mugs.

 After a rummage around TK Maxx, we stopped off at the pub for some drinks

  and food

After the meal - this is some of my OOTD. I have on my jazzy Primark trousers. 

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