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Feng Shang Princess Review

Yesterday afternoon we went for a stroll around Regents Park. The purpose of our stroll was to visit the floating restaurant Feng Shang Princess, that is situated at the Cumberland Basin on Regents Canal. A colleague had been and recommended it as it being one of the best Chinese restaurants in London. 

Our first view of the restaurant.

The view from the bridge down the canal. This was a beautiful view and looked great with the sun setting. I didn't get a photo of that as we went in to eat. Whilst taking this photo another couple passed us on the bridge and got seated first. Unfortunately they took the last window seat, but I didn't mind as I went there for the food rather than the view. 

After ordering our food

Our drinks arrived. I ordered mango juice and Kit ordered a beer. My mango juice was warm and had ice cubes thrown in it. The warm and the cold weren't a very nice combination, but as I let the ice cubes melt the rest of the drink cooled. 

The rest of the restaurant, there were a range of different size tables throughout the restaurant that seated from 2 to 10 people. There were a mix of customers in the restaurant, it wasn't just for couples. There were a few families seated as well. 

The table cloths and napkins were made from good quality cotton and were very smooth and smelt great. I know that is a strange thing to say, but if I am wiping my face with a napkin it is always good if it smells nice. 

Once I had observed the customers and the restaurant, the first item from Set Menu A arrived - the starter. 
Contained - Spring Rolls 
BBQ ribs 
Chicken bits with spring onions 
Prawn Toast 

Set Menu A is designed for 2 people. This starter was particularly large and after this course alone I was starting to get full. This was not a good sign since it was £30 each for set menu A. 

Once our starter plates were cleared, the next course arrived straight away. This was duck pancakes with hoisin sauce. 
 We were given 3 pancakes each, which with that small amount of duck went a long way. 

The duck was juicy as well as being tasty and wasn't full of chewy bits, which I was greatful for. 

Then our main course arrived. This was served with a small break in between, but not long as it seemed like they wanted us out of the restaurant, which was hardly enough time to let our first and second course down. 

Dish 1 - smoked vegetables
Dish 2 - Sweet and Sour Chicken - this was my favourite as the chicken wasn't coated in the thick batter that sweet and sour chicken is usually coated with. It also had a slight BBQ taste. 
Dish 3 - black bean beef. I didn't eat much of this as I always find that beef from the Chinese is chewy and this was no exception, unfortunately.

Along with the 3 dishes above you were given a small bowl of egg fried rice, which was light and fluffy. The only thing missing from the table was a bottle of soy sauce. I love soy sauce on egg fried rice and most probably could have had some had I asked the waiters, but they seemed busy serving all the other customers. 

The rest of the rice was kept warm in this little wood bucket. I was impressed with how warm the rice was even after 40 minutes. At this point in the meal it was a struggle to eat the rest of the food as we had already eaten so much. This food could have easily been shared with 3 people or maybe even 4 as we left quite a bit. 

Overall, our visit to Feng Shang Princess was enjoyable although a little expensive. Our total bill was £77.40 
Our order - Set Menu A for 2 people 
2 x Mango juice 
1 x Beer 

I have yet to find my favourite chinese and I am slightly thinking that I prefer Indian to Chinese food, but I always like to go out and try new restaurants. Although there was a lack of soy sauce on the table, the waiters were very pleasant and attentive. The only downside to the restaurant is that you can hear what the next table is talking about as you are sat quite close together. I was slightly disappointed that you could not feel the restaurant move as it did call itself a floating restaurant. 

If you fancy a trip to Feng Shang Princess check their website out. We did not book a table and just turned up. I am sure it may get busy on Saturday nights, but as we went on a Sunday afternoon it was relatively quiet. The restaurant is also spread across 2 floors.

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