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Flying Trays at Yo Sushi Soho

On the way into work yesterday I picked up the Metro and flicked through the pages on my commute to work. I stumbled across, like the rest of London, an article about flying trays serving you your sushi at Yo Sushi in Soho. The, as they call it, iTray is being trilled at this branch only. 

I wish I had popped there at lunch time today, but forgot during my lunch break and it was too late to go there once I had remembered. I did pop there after work, but there were no flying trays to be seen or any customers for that matter.

I may go have a look tomorrow to see if there is any activity going on. I am not sure if I fancy the idea of my food being brought to me by a flying tray as it could topple over and my food be wasted. Also if there is someone controlling the flying tray by an iPad, why don't they just bring you the tray. I guess it's a gimmick to bring in tourists and curious locals like me. 

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