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Last week I was trawling through twitter and discovered that some bloggers ask for guest posts for when they are on holiday or for other reasons. It seems that guest posting is popular and everyone wants to do it including me. I saw that on twitter they asked if anyone wanted to do a guest post, as I am new to this I tweeted back and exchanged a few emails and hey presto I am writing guest posts for other beauty bloggers.

Bloggers who advertise the slot of guest blogging don't seem to have any rules as to what the guest post should be about, but they generally like it to fit in with the general theme of their blog. Most of the blogs that I read are beauty blogs so most of the guest posts that I have written are about beauty or items you would take on holiday with you. 

When I approach guest posting ideas I usually write a few ideas down and then check them back with the blogger just incase it isn't suitable for their blog. 

I would recommend doing some guest posts as it gives your blog more exposure and lets other bloggers know your blog exists. 

Guest posting is simple, you write your post as normal and then flick from compose to HTML and copy this into an email to the blogger you are writing for. Then they copy your HTML into a new post on their blog into the HTML section and hey presto your guest blog has arrived. 

Please check out guest posts I have writen for other bloggers - 

Sweet Dreams Beauty - Nail Art 
I Always believed in futures - holiday beauty bag(this will be live this friday)
Etail PR - Holiday Wish List (This will be live next week)

If any of you bloggers out there are looking for a guest blogger I am happy to join in, just leave me a comment or drop me an email. Also if there are any bloggers out there who want to guest blog for me, then get in touch. 

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  1. Congrats on your guest posts! That's such an exciting thing to get to do! I'll be looking forward to you doing many more in the future! x

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

    1. Thank you :) I have enjoyed everyone that I have written. I make sure I don't take on too much in one go as I have a full time job as well. xxx

  2. Congratulations Lorilee on guest posts! It seems fun thing to do. I'll deffinately read the other two whe they come out =)as i already read your nail art guest post and it was good.

    1. hey thanks :) I want to get more involved in guest posting for bloggers xxx