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My favourite bloggers have written books

In my second year of university I took a module called Designing for the Internet or something like that. The end result of the 12 weeks of work was a working website of your choice. We had to build our own website from creating the design in Photoshop and editing the HTML in Dreameaver. This was a mammoth task as I had not used either programme before and it was quite daunting and a pain in the bum to say the least. Luckily we now have blogger and don't have to faff around with all of that. 

However, I managed to create a blog where I shared my thoughts on fashion and wrote book reviews. It had a peach background with animated flower banners either side of the page. I cannot remember what I called this blog, but it was my first experience of designing a blog and writing on it. Whilst doing my research for other blogs out there I discovered 2 amazing blogs, which were amazing to read.

One was by a lady called Catherine Sanderson - who went by the blogger name of Petite Anglaise. Her blog can be found here. Although she doesn't write on it anymore. An English girl who moved to France who fell in love with the country and Mr Frog. She gave each person on her blog pseudonyms. Mr Frog - her boyfriend and Tadpole her baby daughter. I don't want to say too much because it will ruin it for you. When I say it I mean her blog and the book. I see her book as an extension of her blog but she does talk about the blog as that's the reason for the book. 

The other was by a lady called Karyn Bosnak, who moved to New York to begin her new job in television. She spent all her money until she had nothing left and dived into the world of credit cards paying one off with the other, until she had to move out of her expensive apartment and into a much cheaper one over the Brooklyn Bridge. She set up her blog asking people to donate a dollar a day to help her with her debt. She regularly posted pictures of her Cat Elvis (so cute) and her dog Beverly. The book is an explanation of her blog describing in detail what happened next and how she got through it. Her original blog can be found here and her current blog can be found here. Although she hasn't posted anything on her blog since January 2013. 

Karyn has also written the fictional novel 20 times a lady, which was then made into a movie called what's your number starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. 

I recommend these 2 books for any bloggers or non bloggers as they are so interesting you will not want to put them down. 

I read these books cover to cover and then bury them away for a few months and then dig them out again. They are my favourite books and I love reading them. 

What are your favourite books? 

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