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My favourite Pen

I am not sure if you guys will like this post but I have just found my favourite pen. I received this as a christmas gift from my brother in year 6, that's the last year of junior school if you don't live in the UK. Junior school is attended by children between the ages of 7 to 11. 

Anyway, my favourite pen is a Foundtain Parker Pen that writes delightfully and I like my handwriting with it. I think my handwriting with a biro is a bit messy. 

Here is my handwriting in my fountain pen - 

My beautiful Parker Fountain Pen

Close up on my pen. 

For those of you that enjoy writing using the old fashioned method of pen and paper I recommend getting a Parker pen as the ink flows beautifully and smoothly when writing. They are famous for making beautiful pens. 

The only downside of writing with a fountain pen is that you have to replace the ink regularly, depending on how much you write with the pen and the ink will smudge if you get water on the paper. 

I recommend getting someone one of these pens as a special gift they can treasure for a long time, like I have done with mine.

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  1. There is nothing like finding a good pen to write with! I've never used a fountain pen like that, but this makes me want to! You can tell the ink flows well and is evenly distributed which is always a plus! x

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

    1. This pen is precious to me and I love to write with it. I am scared to take it out of the house just in case I loose it.

      Lorilee xxx