New Navy Dress from ASOS

The other day I was reading a post on Sprinkle of Glitter, where she talked about her plus size OOTD. Although I am not plus size I fell in love with the dress that she was wearing - Navy ASOS Midi Dress With Short Sleeves. She wore it with a denim jacket and a red belt. I have been looking for a dress like this for a while now as I am not a fan of showing off my arms as they are kind of chunky. 

I ummed and arghhed about buying this dress as £25 is a lot on one item, when a few items in Primark can be purchased for the same price. However, I took the plunge and ordered the dress as I have never ordered anything from ASOS before. I did a quick search of the internet for a discount code, but my search revealed nothing. It was disappointing but I was happy with the free postage. I ordered on Friday and it came by Monday, which is pretty good going. 

Dress - Asos £25
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins £5
Belt - Dororthy Perkins £1

The dress is a lovely navy colour made from thick cotton, which has a slight stretch to it. I love the floatiness of the skirt and where it meets the top, hiding the problem tummy area. It's a lovely dress with great shape and can be dressed up or down. It is a perfect length for when I am in work and have to crawl under the desk to check the right cables are patched properly. I am going to style it with red accessories as I believe red and navy to compliment each other. 

With this dress I intend to wear 
these shoes, 

I have had these shoes for nearly 2 years, but I have never found the outfit to go with them. I think this is perfect. 

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