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Primark trip

After work today I took a trip to Primark having seen a necklace called Style Your Own on their Facebook page. On the advert I saw it only featured a gold necklace and I am more of a silver jewellery girl. So I was in Primark looking for this. I was please to see they had a gold and silver options. I took a few snaps of them to see which one I liked best, here they are below. 

After deciding to get the silver one I picked up a bow hair bobble and went to the queue. Primark is so hot, they need some air con, I nearly passed out in there. I do not miss working in a shop. 

When I got the necklace home I opened it up and the chain was sticky from the packaging, which was slightly annoying. It also says on the packet that there are 34 letters, but when I counted them I had 35, Result! 

Well I thought it was a result, but as my name has 2 L's in it I was unable to spell my blog name on the necklace, which was my intention. There was also no H, but luckily I don't need that. But to be able to spell my blog name I will have to buy 3 packets of these necklaces costing a total of £7.50. I am not sure if it is work all the hassle of having to get 3 of them just to be able to spell my blog name and there is no guarantee that there will be an L in the packet. 

I also bought a bow bobble.

Whilst in Primark I also saw some other things I liked but didn't purchase. 

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  1. those necklaces are way too cool!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC?
    let me know! :-)
    - Janine

    1. Hello! I am more than happy to follow you on bloglovin, if you follow me :) I don't have GFC, what is that?

      Love your blog, the photos on there are great :)


  2. There is guaranteed to be at least one L in the packet because there is an L in 'style' :)

    1. It's just annoying that my name has 2 L's, but my friend is going to manipulate some of the letters I won't use into more L's for me :)

  3. Oh my goodness those mouse shoes are amazing!!!! :D fingers crossed they have them in my local store!
    Love Holly x //

    1. thanks,I did not buy them. Did you find any? xxx