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oops! I stumbled into Primark again, this time because I wanted a handbag from there, I watched PinkBirdyBow's video for an OOTD and this bag featured. 

The bag reminds me of the Zara City bag that was a dupe for the Prada bag. I wasn't going to spend £49.99 on a handbag so this £10 version is perfect! I am glad Primark made this as it is strong and has lots of room to throw your things in. I went straight to the bag section when I arrived in Primark and I luckily managed to get my hands on this bag as there were 8 left on the stand with a lot of empty hooks. There was a lot of activity around the stand where this bag was so I knew it was a winner. 

One thing that annoys me when I am watching what's in my bag videos is that people show the outside of their bag, but never the inside. I love to see what the inside looks like as I can then imagine my belongings in that bag. This bag has a side pocket and 2 mobile phone pockets. I assume they are for mobile phones. 

When I found out it was from Primark I was shocked. It was well shaped, beautifully designed and looked more than the £10 price tag. 

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