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Reading the Stylist on my commute

Every Tuesday around 4pm Stylist magazine comes out. There are plenty of Stylist distributors stood with their yellow Stylist jackets on giving out the Stylist magazine to London's commuters outside Central London Tube or Rail Stations.  

Whenever I pick up the Stylist the first page I flick to and read from beginning to end is Elsewhere - A world news briefing in one compact page. It is a page worth of peculiar news stories from around the world. The countries differ, but the aim of this feature still remains the same.

After reading Elsewhere I then flick back to the beginning of the magazine and paw through all the items featured in the Style List, it mostly contains items above my price range and would never purchase, but one can dream. 

Then I get on with reading the Stylist. One particular feature, which is a regular to Stylist readers is the Work/Life feature where a successful woman talks about her daily routine from when she gets up in the morning to when she goes to sleep at night. You are then enlightened and are allowed access to her plan B, the career she would have had had she have not become what she is now. 

This feature annoys me the most, in stylist. I don't read it often, but every time I have read it it annoys me as it is formulaic, and sounds the same. You can just replace the persons name and career and it essentially contains the same information. How many times do I need to read about a woman getting up at 6am, having a shower, eating some breakfast and checking her emails on her commute to work.

To find out more about Stylist visit their website.

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