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Rekorderlig Midsummer House

A few days ago I was invited to the Rekorderlig Midsummer House event held in Victoria Park, Bethnal Green. The event runs from 21st June - 5th July and tickets cost £10 and can be bought from here. The invite email I received was to initially invite me to the Rekorderlig and Company event that was being held on the 3rd July for Bloggers, but as I am not in London on that day I asked if I could attend another date (23rd June) and was placed on the guest list. 

I attended the event with my boyfriend as I didn't want to go alone and we had a fabulous time.

The walk through Victoria Park was lovely and there was a mix of children playing, roller skaters doing tricks, dog walkers, Sunday afternoon runners and cyclists all intertwined.

The directions to the Rekorderlig Midsummer House were easy to follow and the event was well sign posted throughout the park. 

To get to the Midsummer House we had to cross this lovely bridge that crossed over the lake. 

We arrived a little too early, but wandered around the park and took in the scenery. This cute little Swedish hut was were the event was held. 

 After walking around the park for all of 10 minutes, we walked around the corner to see the doors had been flung open and a short queue had formed. We joined the queue and was approached by a security guard asking if we had tickets. We did not ask we were placed on the guest list. After a short discussion with the charming staff on the door, we were given a stamp and tickets and let into the venue. 

Once we were in we immediately gravitated to the bar and picked up the menu as we were given a drinks token and a snack token. Everyone who came to the event was given a drinks token and a snack token.

As we were so excited to be at the event we quickly ordered our drinks, I had the new Pomegranate flavour, which I have been itching to try since I saw it advertised in Stylist Magazine weeks ago, and my boyfriend had Wild Berries. We did not notice cocktails were available as well until we got home.  

The aforementioned tokens.

As we were one of the first couples to arrive the seating area was empty, which allowed for me to take a few snaps before the crowds arrived. 

Waiting in the queue to get served our free drinks, bottles of Rekorderlig chilling in the fridge waiting to be consumed. 

The bar staff like the door staff were charming, friendly and attentive. They were also happy to explain how the event was structured as well as which drinks were on offer - even though there was a menu. I thought this was great!  

Our drinks being poured at the same time into two separate glasses, I have never seen this done before so I was quite impressed.

We handed over our drinks tokens and got these large glasses full of our chosen Rekorderlig. I have to say that the new Pomegranate flavour is my favourite as it's not as sweet as the Wild Berries flavour and tastes delicious. I would have loved to have tried more flavours, but didn't. If I had I would of had the Mango Raspberry.  

 The charming door staff - they had cute little outfits on and I loved the girls shoes. All the female staff were dressed the same in red dresses, grey cardigans, white shoes and flower garlands in their hair. I love the white shoes and I am not trawling the internet to get my paws on them.

The only time in the evening when the bar was empty, after this more people started to arrive and the place started to get full. A sign of a good event, no?

Once we had our drinks we sat on the coloured stools, but realised that there were 2 Poang chairs that weren't occupied. We knew we would be here for a while and decided to get comfortable. Rekorderlig had provided blankets on the back of the chairs, if you felt cold or wanted to snuggle up. This I thought was a brilliant idea as the bar area was open and could get chilly as the night went on.

Enjoying my first drink from the Poang, with the blanket in the background.  

The Poang in full view with cushion and blanket. Rekorderlig know how to make you at home.

After we had a few sips of our drinks we turned around and noticed the room had filled up. Lots more people had arrived and settled into their chosen seats for the evening. 

After finishing our first drinks we looked at our taster ticket and wondered what it was for. We looked at the menu and decided to get something to eat.

It turned out that our yellow ticket for the taster was exactly that, a taster which allowed you to try a sample of hotdog. Not the large full size hot dog costing £5. This sample was not to be sniffed at, it was tasty and delicious and gone in 2 bites. It contained sausage, onions and mustard.

The view from the cute windows in the bar area. I love the red flowers. 

It wasn't just inside the summer house, there was also a garden area that you could sit out in the sun and relax. More flower girls stood next to the small bar. You could enjoy your drinks and food in the garden and look out onto the lake. We decided to sit inside as it was a little warmer and comfortable. 

The cooking station, 3 talkative chefs operated this who were very friendly. 

Rekorderlig also had toilets at the event which was great, but there wasn't a hand drier or towels as my boyfriend reported and he decided to dry his hands on my jeans. Thanks Kit. 

The view of the lake from the Rekorderlig garden. 

I took this at about 6:30pm when not many people had arrived, but when we left this was packed. 

The delicious sausages cooking away on the BBQ. There was so much selection to choose from which was great. 

My boyfriend bought our ticket £10, from the bar for our food and he came back with this for me. I asked for a Pork, garlic and thyme sausage with onions, cucumber mayo and Prawn salad. I thought the prawn salad would be on the side not on the top so this was a strange taste, but the sausage was delicious. I could have eaten about 3 of them. 

Indoors and outdoors started to fill up more and more throughout the evening. 

The flower girls outfit, you can't really see it that well, but these girls came around collecting glasses really efficiently. They also took away your rubbish, which was brilliant but I felt like they could have left the toothpick, the taster came on, for me to throw away. 

The last shot before we left. I put my camera away as it started to rain. As we were leaving more people were arriving. The event went on till 11pm this evening. 

As this was my first event I attended as a guest I really enjoyed the experience and hope to go to more like this. I enjoyed talking to the staff and soaking up the atmosphere as well as the drinks. I would like to say that I was put on the guest list, but received everything that all the other customers had i.e 1 free drinks token and 1 free snack. All other food and drink we paid for. 

If you are around in London this week and the next make sure you go check this out as it was a really fun event to go to and the food and drink was lovely. Tickets only cost £10 and I am sure you could buy them on the door, but I forgot to ask this in the excitement of being there. 

Have you been to Midsummer House? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? 

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  1. Hello! I have nominated you for The Liebster Award, check out the info on my Blog :)
    Abi xx

    1. Thank you so much! I am just making up some questions and deciding who to nominate myself. I loved your questions.
      Lorilee xxx

  2. I am dying to try Rekorderlig, but it is only sold on your side of the pond! This post makes me so fantastically jealous! I'm so glad you had an amazing time! The party looks so lovely! x

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

    1. You are missing out on not tasting Rekorderlig, it's super sweet and delicious. It tastes just like cordial but with alcohol.

      It was really good fun at the party.