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Topshop Nail art paint brushes

Nail art has all of a sudden boombed into our lives. I have seen more and more pictures of cool nail designs people are posting on their blog/instagram and more products for this appearing on the highstreet and internet. There is an abundance of nail art equipment. It is not just the nail art equipment that is in abundance nail polish textures have also changed over the years. It used to be glossy nails all the way, but now you can get yourself matte, gloss, hi shine, caviar, glitter, cracking, textured and the list goes on. I have yet to buy any nail polish which isn't gloss as I like my nails to be shiney. Are they worth the investment or do you just revert back to your glossy nail polishes? 

I am concerned about the caviar nail polish making pulls on my clothes, which is why I have not purchased any. 

Nail polish and nail art are big business people. 

Topshop have a nail bar, called WAH Nails, in their Oxford Street Branch. I have been in Topshop twice this week but didn't venture down to see where the WAH Nails were located. People no longer seem to be bothered by the good old French manicure and want more intricate designs, where their friends will be truly impressed. Prices for WAH nails range from £12.50 to £52. WAH nails also have a store in Shoreditch. 

But the point of this post was to tell you about the set of 8 nail art brushes I bought from Topshop for £7. 

The back of the packet tells you what each brush does and how it can be used, which is really helpful.

The brushes close up, they all come with caps. I did search through the box where they were housed as some didn't have lids.

This set was £7 for 8 brushes and Topshop have their own nail art brushes for £10, but you only get 6 brushes, however, they do have Topshop written on the side of the brush. I wasn't too bothered by that and wanted the extra 2 brushes as well as £3 change. I am sure they are of the same quality and do the same job.

Look out for a follow up post on these brushes for when I finally put them to use. 

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  2. The fantastic thing about these brushes is that any you don't enjoy using on your nails, you could clean and reprioritize for makeup. Well, minus the dotting tool! Still, it could be versatile and do double duty which is always a plus! x

    (Sorry about deleting my first comment! Accidentally put the wrong link in! Whoops!)

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

    1. I thought the same thing, although I did think that they could be used as paint brushes. Not that I do much painting.