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Treat a Friend Friday - Hummingbird Bakery London

I don't need an excuse to go to The Hummingbird Bakery, but a friend of mine from work told me that The Hummingbird Bakery were doing a thing called Treat a Friend Friday. 

To participate you had to log on to Facebook and share their Treat a Friend Friday post. Then show in store your facebook or print it out. 

The offer was buy a Red Velvet Cupcake and get another for free from a choice of a few. I went at lunch time, which for me was between 1pm - 2pm, and it was very busy in there. So I left it till after work and popped back at 5pm and the queue was still a 10 minute wait to get served. 

I went for the Red Velvet, as that was compulsory and the Vanilla cupcake. 

I visited the Wardour Street Branch as it is a few streets from my work. 

Nicely tucked away in the corner. 

The queue from inside, the girl and her boyfriend in front kept on getting in the way of my photos, annoyingly. The long queue to work through to get to my precious cupcakes.

There is seating available to sit down and enjoy your cupcake with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, but there is a take away price and an eat in price. 

Getting closer to the front of the queue, whilst I was busy taking photos the time passed by and I was at the front of the queue being asked what I wanted. 

I had my eye on these vanilla cupcakes. I chose the yellow one, which was delicious.

Whilst in the queue I spotted this American Brunch cupcake that had bacon as a topping, I think it has maple syrup in it as well. I missed getting a snap of the info on this cupcake. 

Once I was served, I paid and was promptly whisked out of the shop as there was a queue of people behind me still waiting. 

I trotted off with my paper bag for my train home 

Treat a Friend Friday is well worth the £2.65 for 2 delicious cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery, especially as you can share it with a friend or you can gobble them all up yourself. 

Keep a watch out on their Twitter or Facebook for more offers. They also have a blog

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